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All the texts here are written by Serge Baumer. I think they are quite far from excellence, and I hope that software code can be written by me much better than plain text.

My main specific fields are considered to be POSIX application programming and web programming. I work as a freelancer, and endeavour to take part in free software development as well.

If you don’t like how this website looks, you can change something if you unroll the "Settings" box on this page. The design of this site is based on the color gradient whose main colors you can set there along with background color. If you are in difficulty you can try one of the predefined colorsets. Most of them are made up by me myself, so please, don’t rate them strictly. Note that you must have JavaScript and cookies turned on in your browser for all these things to work properly.

The following is a short guide to the sections of this site.

  • Home, sweet home.
  • Free Projects: some free software projects created by me.
  • Web Works: I don’t like much the word "portfolio".
  • Tech Brief: also, I don’t like the word "resume".